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Crate Pusher

You are a worker in a storage room. Your task is to bring some boxes to special positions (the green ones) in the room. You can only push the boxes but cannot drag them. If you pushed them in a corner there is no way to drag them out again. Unfortunately the storage room is like a labyrinth.

The 3D view creates an additional challenge to the original Sokoban game as you need to memorize the structure of the labyrinth too. A head-up display styled map helps keeping overview.

The first four levels are easy ones to understand the concept. The following 90 level are taken from the game XSokoban released as public domain. The difficulty in 3D view is higher.

You can move forwards and backwards and turn to both sides. Additionally you can enable the map. In order to not completely play with the map it vansihes after a while.

With the menu on top of the game area you can directly select one of the 94 levels or restart the current one.

Controls with Touchscreen

It is better to use the smartphone in landscape orientation (screen wide rather than high).

Controls with Keyboard

Controls with Mouse