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Sandcastle Games develops smaller indie computer games. In the current phase this is more to try out what can be done in this area.

I have programmed non-commercial computer games before and even significantly participated in the development of the multi-player online roleplaying game project Illarion until I passed over the development to a new team around 2003. Illarion is still actively developed by later generations of developers so you might call it a success.

Right now I search for a second activity next to my technical software development job that comes with less bureaucratic burdens. So I decided to invest some of my available time in games development and see where it takes me.

In the beginning there will be small games that are created more to get used to some recent technology in graphics and sound, deployment to mobile platforms and trying out different computer language choices.

The scope of the games will be restricted to small games with hopefully nice ideas but no highly sophisticated graphics or sound (as I don't expect to have funding for artists). Likely products will be puzzle, educational or strategy games. For learning some recent techniques also clones of old computer games are possible.

In case someone is interested in contributing with graphics or sound and does not expect to earn a living from this, I appreciate the help.

For the development of small games on a contractual basis you can contact me too.

Before any commercial activities will happen I need to found a small company but this is nothing new for me. Until then I will only provide free stuff.