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Crate Pusher

This is a free, portable Sokoban puzzle game clone in 3D graphics. It runs on Windows and Linux.

You are a worker in a storage room. Your task is to bring some boxes to special positions in the room. You can only push the boxes but cannot drag them. If you pushed them in a corner there is no way to drag them out again. Unfortunately the storage room is like a labyrinth.

The 3D view creates an additional challenge to the original Sokoban game as you need to memorize the structure of the labyrinth too. A head up display styled map helps keeping overview.


You can download Crate Pusher free and without registration on the games marketplace But you will find more information below than on


There is another version of Crate Pusher to play in a browser.

Installation / Startup

The game requires Java 7 or later. If you don't have it, download it from

Normally you just double click the file to start it. If you start it on command line (with java -jar CratePusher.jar) you can append the name of a level file to use (or you can select it on the manual screen).

More levels

Crate Pusher contains 94 levels and it is possible to load external level files that are available in the web for classical Sokoban or design own ones. But take care in 3D it is harder to keep the overview and solve the levels.

You can for example download more levels from this Sokoban website. Download the text version of the level collections.

Another source for levels is this Sokoban website. View the text versions of the level collections and save them to a text file.

Another source for levels is this Sokoban website.

If you want to create own levels, the file format is described here and here. The run-length encoding is not supported (contact me if you need it).