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Freight Train Manager

In Freight Train Manager you run a freight train station. You have to prepare trains width ordered goods. The carriages with goods are pushed downhill on a track and you have to operate the switches so the goods end up at the right track.

To play just tip the picture above.

On the main area of the screen you will see the tracks with switches that you can operate by touching them or clicking them with the mouse. At the end of each track you see which goods have been ordered and how many of that type. New carriages with goods will appear to the start of the tracks. You will be able to see them for a while with a countdown before they start rolling downhill on the tracks. If you want them to roll immediately, just touch them or click at them.


If new goods come in you have no use for, you can either direct them to a track without order or you have to decide on an order you are currently abandoning.

On a small screen like a smartphone the game is best played in full screen. Choose "Full Screen" from the menu on the top left of the game area. Remember how your smartphone tells you to leave the full screen mode.


The game is still being developed. There should be better graphics, more levels and additional game elements.

Internet Explorer doesn't seem the display the title graphics.