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Ducks Flying School

Click on the image to play.

In Ducks Flying School you play a farmer that runs a flying school for ducks at his farm. The ducks are still young and fall down after a while. That's why you have to catch them on a pillow and bring them back to the farm. Sadly the ducks are afraid of flying and therefore drop something sometimes. If you get hit you must take a break to clean yourself.

To play just tip the picture above.

To run left or right tip left or right of the farmer. The more outside you tip, the faster he is running. If you can't tip with your finger, use a mouse or the left and right cursor key on your keyboard.


Originally I have programmed this game as a child many years ago on a computer that isn't well known anymore (I think it was an Amiga 500). The game even had less functions back then. Now I programmed it from scratch to learn a little bit about Javascript and to see how to make games that run on different devices.

I intend to extent the game more in the future.

Internet Explorer doesn't seem the display the graphics.